Profile of the new Director of the Fondation Custodia

The Fondation Custodia was established in Paris by the collectors Frits and To Lugt-Klever, is registered in Switzerland, and administered from the Netherlands. It manages the founders’ collection of drawings, prints, artists’ letters, paintings and books and continually expands the collection with new acquisitions. Through loans, the Fondation participates on a regular basis with international museums and similar institutions. Its collection and art historical library are accessible on request to art historians and other interested parties. The staff of the Fondation Custodia actively engages in scholarly research. The Fondation Custodia also helps train curators in the field of drawings and prints. Sharing its collection with the public is a major part of its mandate. Every year the Fondation organizes temporary exhibitions on its own premises or elsewhere. Many of these shows are realized in collaboration with other art institutions and museums.

The Fondation Custodia is currently recruiting an:
Experienced Art Historian specialized in the field of Old Master Drawings and Prints.

The ideal candidate will have the following qualities:
- excellent interpersonal skills
- managerial and leadership abilities
- experience and contact with international museums and print rooms
- knowledge of the international art market and the building of a collection
- experience in managing an art collection, including its conservation and restoration
- writing skills as evidenced by both scholarly and educational publications, and a capacity to supervise others’ writing
- willingness to play an active role in the training of young art historians and the promotion of expertise in the field of graphic art
- ability to assess the administrative and financial aspects of the organisation
- capacity to supervise and complete the digital retrieval of the collection
- a network in the Netherlands, in particular the museums, the RKD, and the universities, not only for the joint organisation of exhibitions and similar projects, but also for attracting interns, project staff and permanent and temporary personnel
- knowledge of French culture and society
- excellent verbal and written command of languages, especially Dutch and French, or the willingness to master them in a short period of time.

Preference will be given to someone with previous experience in a similar position.

The full advertisement text can be downloaded here.

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